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iPad 5 Compared With iPad Mini

Apple fans have lapped up the iPad Mini ever since its release a few months back. Some analysts also say that it ate quite a chunk of the share of the success of iPad 4. The next big question is if iPad Mini will be able to sustain the excitement it has generated once the fifth generation iPad is released in 2013? Ever product released by Apple has its own sweet charm. The products which Apple comes up with are great when it comes to technology as well as the fabulous features it offers. What was surprising about iPad 4’s release was the fact that it was released in quick succession after the iPad 3. Despite the iPad 4 being an improvement over its predecessor, most critics feel there isn’t much of a noticeable difference between the two. This has in fact increased the level of expectations from iPad 5 which is expected to release sometime early 2013.

In addition to the existing pressure, the iPad 5 will definitely be compared its miniature version, the iPad Mini. As iPad Mini is doing very well in the market, there are some speculations if iPad Mini could emerge as a competitor to its big brother.

iPad 5 gives you a complete experience

If you want to put both these products in the comparator basket, you have to first realize that they belong to different categories. Their target segments are different hence they have been designed to be different products. To help you make a better choice, it would be helpful to understand some differences and similarities between the two products.

1. The full sized screen with retina display will give you a great experience. The retina display was first introduced on the iPad 4 and was a feature appreciated by many users. The iPad 5 is expected to bring something more to the table.

2. Browsing is very easy when done on a full screen. Additionally, it is also expected that the iPad 5 will bring with it better 4G connection capabilities.

3. With some exceptional graphics be ready to have a great gaming experience.

The one place where the iPad Mini scores over the iPad is portability. It easily fits into your coat pocket or a handbag. If your top priority is portability, iPad Mini is what will clearly score over iPad.

iPad Mini gives you more at less

The iPad Mini has received great reviews and is definitely being looked at as a huge competition to full sized tablets.

  1. It is very light and extremely portable. The iPad Mini can be used with only one of your hands and this is not possible in case of any other full sized tablet.
  2. You get the same features of a full sized iPad at a much lower cost and this is the most attractive feature.
  3. You have access to all the applications and games you can get on the iPad Mini as well.

The one area where iPad Mini scores less is the browsing capabilities. You have to keep zooming in and out. The screen is also not as appealing as a retina display of iPad 4 and it is expected that iPad 5 will be much better in this department. Given that both products are to be viewed in different categories, they’re both top of the class in each category. The user can make a choice as to what to buy based on what’s more important to him or her.